The Three Gunas

Sattvic (Purity)
  • His behaviour is good
  • He eats good food which is not very spicy, overcooked or contains animal extracts
  • Sleeps slightly
  • Is dynamic, honest, truthful and helpful
  • Wants to know about God
  • Wise
  • Following this path you will come to know of God
Rajasic (passion)
  • Of moderate behaviour
  • Not very particular about his or her diet
  • Eats overcooked food
  • Has tendency to be lazy
  • Can be helpful
  • Not much control over sleep
  • He/she is better than a tamasic person
  • Is controlled by the senses
  • Is always active and restless
  • Greedy
  • Following this path you will be deluded by worldly objects
Tamasic (inertia or inactivity)
  • His/her character is not good
  • Is lazy
  • Diet comprises of animal extract
  • Is selfish
  • Oversleeps
  • Not socially compliant
  • Stubborn and does not listen to anyone
  • Ignorant of God
  • Following this path you will be ignorant about God and reality

However in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna said that the person who goes beyond these qualities and lives just for serving the lord is higher than any of these types of person