Welcome to the Balvikas Resource section. We have put together a number of Balvikas lessons which can be used in Balvikas classes to teach a veriety of subjects.

Lessons are organised into lesson sets. Each lesson set consists of a number of lessons. In each lesson there are worksheets, stories etc for Balvikas pupils to work through and Balvikas teachers to teach. It is left to the discretion of the Balvikas teacher how these are taught.

Lessons can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate lesson set link on the left navigational panel.

The lessons are guidelines to teaching the given subject including basic information to be taught on that particular subject. The teacher, however, is required to do background reading and to know the topic well in order to teach the supplied material.

Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain web page versions of these files due to the time it takes to convert them. We have however produced portable document format files (PDF) that can be read with Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader.

We hope the lessons and lesson plans are useful in teaching balvikas classes.

Jai Sai Ram

Balvikas Lesson Plans

Human Values LessonsSarva-Dharma Lessons
Human Values: Lesson 1 – Introduction to the GunasSarva-Dharma: Lesson 1
Human Values: Lesson 2 – LoveSarva-Dharma: Lesson 2 – Islam
Human Values: Lesson 3 – TruthSarva-Dharma: Lesson 3 – Christianity
Human Values: Lesson 4 – PeaceSarva-Dharma: Lesson 4 – Buddhism
Human Values: Lesson 5 – DharmaSarva-Dharma: Lesson 5 – Sikhism
Human Values: Lesson 6 – AhimsaSarva-Dharma: Lesson 6 – Hinduism
Human Values: Homework Assignments 1-5
Balvikas Lesson Plans