Chinna Katha


In one village a feud was going on for long between two groups of people for one reason or another. One resident of that village who had two acres of land was growing grapes and selling them for his livelihood. He did not belong to either of these fighting groups. But both the groups opposing each other came to this individual and they started pressurizing him to join their respective party. So, under compulsion he joined the party, which contained a larger number of evil-minded people. Few months later, the police along with all the other members arrested this honest fellow. As a result there was no one to look after his grape garden. The vines having no water for weeks shriveled and began to wither away. There was no fruit and, therefore, there was no income and enough food for his wife and children at home.

In the jail, this man used to get one post card every week from his wife. The rules and regulations of the jail were such that letters received by the prisoners would not be censured while letters posted by the prisoners would be censured. Once, his wife wrote to him: "You seem to be well looked after in the prison but have you thought of our miserable condition? Since you left home our grape garden is dried up and there is no one to till the land and prepare the land for the next crop. Nor have I any money to set the land right. Even now, the children and I are half starved. So, if you suggest some method by which I can get the dried up land soil tilled, only then I and the children will have something to eat in the near future at least. Please let me know."

As soon as he read the letter, he felt very sad. But he could hit upon a plan. He wrote to his wife thus: "Do not worry, I have not ever told you about a treasure trove, a vessel containing a lot of gold coins which I had put down below in the rut in our garden. You simply have to dig it up and make use of the coins". This letter had to be censured and the jail superintendent read it. He did not post the letter. He got together all the prisoners and told them to dig up the whole grape garden with a view to find the treasure trove. In a short time the entire garden was dug up. But they did not find any treasure trove.

On the third day there was a heavy rain and that year (grapes) yield was very good. The wife was very happy. She sold the grapes and got plenty of money.

At the end of six months, the husband was released from prison. As soon as he came home she eagerly questioned: "How did you manage to send so many men to plough the land?" The wife had not received her husband's letter, so she did not know about his plan. The husband replied: "Yes, by the grace of God I could think of a plan and make them believe about the treasure trove. Let us thank God."

What is the inner meaning of this story? This individual, this cultivator had 2 acres of land. Man has two inches of heart. In our heart there are two groups; the bad qualities and the good qualities. These two groups are clashing with each other. In between the Jiva, the householder and owner of the heart, the two parties did not seduce the first. But later he was pulled towards one group. Jiva has a wife - she is Nivritti and her children Pravirthi. Because the Jiva joined one group he had to be in jail. That is bondage. However, he realises that the field of heart had to be cleansed (ploughed) to find the wisdom - gold. To get that wisdom all the prisoners (those in bondage) have to dig the field of heart. After the process of digging and cleansing one reaps the harvest of bliss. So what is it that is essential? Purification of the field of heart by means of prescribed sadhanas.