Chinna Katha


Two persons by name Jnaana Dev and Naama Dev were walking through a forest. They felt very thirsty. They could not catch sight of a well or a lake anywhere. They trudged along. At last they saw a well and ran towards it. They eagerly looked into it. There was water in the well. But how could they drink? There was neither a rope nor a vessel to draw water. There was no question of somehow going into the well as the well was in a dilapidated condition.

Jnaana Dev simply closed his eyes as if in prayer. Soon he was transformed into a bird. He flew into the well and drank water to his fill. Naama Dev began chanting the name of Lord Vittal with intense devotion. The water level began to rise slowly until at last the level of water was within the reach of Naama Dev. He just put his hands into the well and drank water to his fill. Such is the power of Naamasmarana.