Chinna Katha


Once Sathyabhama and Rukmini questioned Lord Krishna: "Why do you always make much of the devotion of Draupadi? Is she that great?" The Lord replied with a smile, "I shall let you know by and by."

One day, Draupadi came to visit her dear brother Krishna and she was given a suite of rooms. Krishna called Sathyabhama and Rukmini and said: "Let us go to Draupadi's apartment." Draupadi welcomed them with love and excitement. She had just taken oil bath; her long tresses were hanging loose. She was combing her hair. The lord looked at his queens and said: "See! my sister seems to find it difficult to comb her long tresses. Why don't you both help her?" Sathyabhama and Rukmini readily agreed. The tresses were parted; one half was taken care by Sathyabhama and the other by Rukmini. While they were combing, they heard from every hair, "Krishna", "Krishna", in a soft tone. They were surprised and looked at Krishna as if to say they had understood Draupadi's devotion. Krishna sat still enjoying the scene.

True devotion is silent and avoids display.