Chinna Katha


Zebunnissa was the daughter of the Mogul Emperor Aurangazeb. She was not only beautiful and charming but a great scholar and a poetess. She was an ardent lover of Indian Culture.

Once, Aurangazeb gave her a beautiful mirror as a birthday gift. Zebunnissa loved the mirror very much. One day her maid was holding the mirror to her while Zebunnissa was combing her hair after her bath. The mirror just slipped from the hand of the maid and broke into pieces. The maid was mortally afraid. She knew that the mirror was a precious gift, given to the princess and how much she loved the mirror. The maid was prepared to accept any punishment her princess may give her. She fell at her feet. But the princess very calmly said with a smile. "Get up. I am glad the instrument of flattery is broken. Why worry over the broken mirror? Even this body to which all these articles cater is liable to damage and destruction". Is this not a lesson in detachment?