Chinna Katha


Remember that your real nature is the same as the other mans; he is yourself known by another name. When you do good deed, you are doing it to yourself; when you do a bad turn to some one, remember, you are injuring yourself; so, avoid dong evil to others. I am reminded of what Hussein, the son of Rabbia Malik of Persia used to do. He rose early and went to the mosque for prayer with great diligence and devotion. When he came, he found the servants of the house still sleeping on their mats and he grew wild at them; he swore and cursed them for neglect of religious duties. Then his father chastised him. He said, "Son, why do you get angry with those poor souls who are too tired to wake up early"? Do not wipe off the good results of your adherence to the rule of God by falling foul of these innocent slaves. I wish you would much rather rise late and abstain from the mosque, for now you have grown proud that you are more religious than these others and you dare blame then for faults for which they are not themselves responsible".