Chinna Katha


Samartha Ramadas appeared before Sivaji, with his usual call for alms: Bhavati Bhikshaam Dehi, Sivaji realized that the guru is God; so he wrote something on a piece of paper and deposited it reverentially in the alms bag of Ramadas. For the relief of hunger, how can paper suffice? Asked Ramadas. Sivaji prayed that the paper might be read. The paper recorded a gift of the entire kingdom and all the Sivaji owned to the Guru. Samartha Ramadas replied: "No, my dharma is dharma-bodha, the teaching of dharma, instructing the people in the right way of life, Kshatriyas like you must follow the dharma of ruling the land, ensuring peace and content to the millions under your care". Yagyavalakya too once refused a kingdom, because he cared more for the kingdom of Moksha, the realm of freedom. Vasistha is also said to have renounced a kingdom offered him by Rama.