Chinna Katha


It is the distorted sense of values that makes you carry a radio receiver strapped to your shoulder, even when you come to Prashanti Nilayam! This has become a fashion; sons-in- now try to extract a transistor radio from their fathers-in-law, as quickly as possible. There was a young man in a big town; it so happened that his father arrived on a visit and was received at the railway station by the son himself. They were going home in an auto-rickshaw, when the father, already confused by the roar and noise of the traffic. Noticed some one carrying a small rectangular box, strapped in his shoulder. He saw many more attired and walking in the strut, with a nonchalant gaze. He asked his son what they charged in the town for a shave and when the son answered, a half-rupee, he was surprised that it was so cheap. "These barbers going about with these boxes strapped on the shoulders are so well dressed and rich looking that I thought they must be charging five rupees at least", he said. The poor man thought the transistor radio sets were barber's boxes! In fact, much that carries them and tune in does not know the ABC of music, eastern or western, nor do they know an iota of geography or history or politics to appreciate the news. They carry watches on their wrists but to know what hour it is, they have to stretch their wrists before those sitting next to them! They cannot read a watch, nor have they any engagement keep. All this is needless multiplication of misery!