Chinna Katha


Sri Ramakrishna said that if you want to avoid that sticky fluid in the jackfruit from contacting your fingers when you peel it, you have to apply a few drops of oil on them. So, too, said he, "if you do not want the world and its reactions to stick to you, have a few drops of "unconcern applied on your mind".

The unconcern leads to the deepest yearning for God. Chaitanya went to Brindavan, where every particles of dust was sacred for him, since Krishna trod that soil centuries ago. He did not se or hears or touches or smells or tastes anything except Krishna at Brindavan. He was rendered so oblivious to the world around him that he ignored demands of hunger, thirst and social etiquette. He yearned for the consecrated food that was offered to Krishna in the temple. But, one night, the Lord appeared before him and admonished him for entertaining that once desires, too! When at last, he gave up the desire also and was overwhelmed with the thirst for Him and Him alone. Krishna manifested before him. The Divine Chaitanya (consciousness) illumined the Chaitanya in human form.

Learn therefore the discipline that can make the mind settle on God only and never waver therefore.