Chinna Katha


The Ram Principle is the Principle of Love that descended from Heaven, as the Gift of the Gods, as a result of the great sacrifice. Rama means Delight! Nothing delights more than one's own innate self, and so, Rama is also known as Atma Rama. How then could Bjaara6ha agree to usurp the throne, of which Rama is the rightful heir? He and Satrughna were at the Kekaya capital, when Ran was exiled and Dasaratha died heartbroken at the separation. News was sent to him, and when he entered the palace, unaware of the double tragedy that had cast its gloom over the City, he sensed some calamity, Vasishta, the family preceptor, advised him to ascend the throne, for the empire was suffering an interregnum!

Bharatha appealed that he allowed going to "the God of my prayers, the Lord who receives the homage of my unceasing adoration". Vasishta told him that it was his father's command, and his preceptor's counsel that he sits enthroned as Ruler. Bharatha replied that the request was proof of the extreme hatred that the parents, the people, the preceptor and everyone in Ayodhya had towards him, for, had they loved him, they would not have pressed him to commit such a mean sin. Bharatha stood before Vasistha with folded palms; he prayed, "Is it just, fair, that you should burden me with the sovereignty over a kingdom, which slew my father, widowed my mothers, exiled my dearest brother whom I value more than any my very breath to the demon-ridden jungle, wish his dearly beloved queen and which finally brought indelible disgrace on my mother? My empire is the realm, which Rama rules over, namely, my heart, which is too small to contain His Glory. " Bharatha's name itself signifies that he is saturated with love of Rama. (Bha -means, Bhagawan-the Lord Rama; Ratha-means, pleased by, happy over, attached to).

Let the Love for the Lord grows in you, as it did in Bharatha. Let that sense of adoration, which discard even a throne, flourish in you. Then, you can be of great use to your country, your culture, your society, your religion and your community. Or else, all this bother that you have undergone, to attend Satsang, to listen to spiritual discourse, study spiritual texts, etc. Will be a colossal exercise in futility.