Chinna Katha


The knowledge that you are architect of your fortune and that you can, by steady effort, rebuild it or foster it, that you are every day laying on or pulling down the structure of your career, will be a great inspiration provided you welcome it. It was the first night of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita in the thick jungle into which they were exiled. Guha, the chieftain of the fishermen, who had rowed them across the Ganges was engaged in subdued conversation with Lakshmana, while Rama and Sita were sleeping on the riverbank! Guha was sunk in sorrow, that the inheritor of the empire should be cast on the sands under the sky; he cursed the Queen and her wicked accomplices for contriving this breathtaking tragedy. But, Lakshmana prayed that he halt his tirade. "I too emitted fiery fury at the perpetrators of this tragedy. For, I did not know the inner purpose of this chapter of Rama's history. He has come in this human form to destroy the evil brood of demons, and so, He has himself contrived this exile, to be free from imperial responsibilities until that aim is accomplished! What do we know, dear Guha, of the mysteries of God or even of man, who is God in human attire? Or of any living being or non-living matter, for they are the entire inscrutable Divine, appearing to our limited senses in the way they do. What their real nature is, how can we ever know, with these inefficient instruments of knowledge?"