Chinna Katha


There are people who bring forth tears when they pass away; there are others who bring forth your Tears, when they pass across your way! They are to be avoided. God makes himself aware to beasts and birds, rather than man, who have strayed into the wilderness. Recently at Dharmavaram, a jutka full of men luggage was being driven towards the railway station, the driver beating the horse mercilessly in the back and neck so that it may run fast. A bearded old man, fair and rosy in health, was passing that way. He accosted the driver and said, "Here! Don't hold the rein so tight. Leave them free, hold them loose! The horse will then run fast." The driver retorted, "You keep quiet! I know my horse better". One of the men inside the Jutaku said, "Who do you think he is?" The drive said, "I don't care'! The driver then heard a voice (it was the horse that spoke), "He is Krishna, who drove the horses of Arjuna's chariot: He knows all about horses!" The driver thought that the voice belonged to some one among his fare. He replied looking into the jutka, "He may know all about Arjuna's horses: but what does he know about mine?"