Chinna Katha


One person came to Me about 30 years ago. And prayed that he should meet with success his examination and secure a high first class. I told him that there will have to be effort and the result will be according to God's will. I gave him My blessings and sent him away. He did secure a high first class and came to Me again after passing his examination and asked for My blessings so that he may get a job. He did get a job within a month. He again came to Me after a few months. He said he got a job, that he was happy, and he also said he wanted to marry a typist girl in his own office. I told him that if it is agreeable to his father and mother, he may do so but they may not like it. He was not inclined to listen to Me. He said that even if it meant transgressing the wished of his parents, he was determined to marry that girl. He in fact suggested that he would even give up his life, if this marriage were not possible. I told him that he must convince his parents before entering into such an alliance. He brought a lot of pressure on his parents and they, finding no other alternative, agreed to the marriage. The marriage was over and after a year, both of them came to me again and said they wanted a son. After the birth of a son his expenses multiplied, his wife gave up the job, and he came to Me desiring a promotion. By his good luck, he got a promotion. Although he was somewhat foolish in regard to worldly matters, he had great faith in regard to matters relating to Swami. I gave him My blessings and he got a promotion. He did not turn up thereafter for over five years. They had 4 children. He came again to Me after five years and said that he was fed up with the family, said that he cannot bear the burden of the family and that he was looking for relief from all the means. He said

That he wanted a small jobs in the ashram itself and said that his family has now got a hold over him like a big serpent. I asked him if the serpent caught him on its own or whether he let the serpent came to him and catches him.