Chinna Katha


Friendship rampant these days can be illustrated by a story. A person had three friends. He had taken to several bad ways and consequently had to face a court case. He went to a friend and sought his help. The friend blankly told him that he would not like to associate himself with the crime committed by him. He refused to give evidence to rescue him. The second friend, when approached, told him that he would only go up to the court but would not be a witness in a witness box. Thereafter he approached the third friend for help. He immediately responded and said, "Yes, your troubles are mine, my troubles are yours and I shall help you in whatever manner you wish me to help". It is quite clear that amongst these three the third is the best kind of friend, For your life also we have three such friend. As the time of death, one has to leave behind all that one owns. Wealth and status do not accompany you. Your friends and relations may come to the burial ground to bury or cremate the body, and thereafter all will return home. Only the good and bad acts that you have reformed in your life will accompany you. Your next birth will be carved out according to your deeds in this life. In order to remain good, you must cultivate respect for truth, which is permanent, whereas everything else including your body is subject to change, decay and death.