Chinna Katha


One teacher, having about 10 students, was teaching them some good things. To such an ashram came one who had some position and power. This teacher did not go to the door to welcome and receive him. This man came there because he had some position and authority. He felt somewhat hurt and he went right into the class and asked the teacher. "Why is it you didn't care for me? You have not come and received me. What are you doing?" The teacher said, "I am busy teaching the children some good things." The person who came in asked, "Just because you are teaching them some good things, are the hearts of these children going to be changed and become more sacred?" The teacher took some courage and said, "Yes, of course, there is every possibility of their mind changing by my teaching". The intruder said, "No, I cannot believe it", it simply means that you have no faith in it. Because of that, I cannot give up teaching these boys some good things'. Then this person, who felt somewhat important, started arguing and said there is no possibility of changing a mind merely by words. The teacher who was clever and who had known thee things asked one of the youngest boys to stand up. In the bearing of this visitor the teacher told the young boy, "Look here! My dear boy! You just get hold of the neck of this visitor and throw him out of the door." Immediately on hearing these words, the visitor because completely excited and his eyes were red and he was very angry and he came to beat the teacher. Then the teacher asked, "Sir, what is the reason for your becoming so angry? We did not beat you, we did not throw you out, and the only thing that has excited you to this stage of anger is the word, which I conveyed to this young boy. You, who said that you do not believe in changing the mind by mere words, what is the reason why these mere words, which I have uttered to this young boy, have changed your mind so much that you are so excited? So it is very wrong to say that with mere words you can cause any amount of affection. With mere words you can earn the grace of anyone else". So, if in this world you want to promote friendship, you can do so by using sweet words, by talking in a very sweet manner and by speaking about sacred words. On the other hand if you use harsh words, you are not going to promote friendship in this world.