Chinna Katha


Chaitanya gave indication of his being an incarnation to his mother, as a child. Chaitanya was then a baby crawling on all fours. His mother had a guest in the house, an old orthodox Brahmin, who was cooking his own lunch from the provisions given by her. He desired his food to be ceremonially pure, uncontaminated by the touch of other hands. He offered to God the food he prepared to eat; that was his vow. It was rather late when the offering was ready. Just when he sat before the idol of Krishna for worship. The child toddled forward and dipped his fingers in the vessel of food thus making it 'impure' as an offering to God. So, provisions were given again. Food was cooked again, and very late in the day the worship was resumed. This time, too, the child crawled in from somewhere and contaminated the sacred food! It repeated the mischief a third time. The mother dragged the child away and threatened to thrash the prank out of its head. But the child asked the mother, quite innocently; "He is calling on me to eat it, but when I go near it he gets angry". Thus did he reveal that He was Krishna again?