Chinna Katha


The Krishna whose advent you should celebrate is not the cowherd boy who charmed the village folk with His flute, but, the Krishna, the indefinable, inscrutable, Divine principle that is born in thee navel of the body (Matura) as the product of the Energy (Device), that is then transported to the Mouth (Gokulam)

And fostered by the Tongue (Yashoda) as its source of sweetness. Krishna is the Visualization of the Atma that the repetition of the name grants; the Vision that was gained by Yashoda. You must foster that Krishna on your tongue; when he dances on it the poison of the tongue will be rejected completely, without harming any one, as happened when as child He danced on the hoods of the serpent Kalinaga.

Yashoda traces Krishna to the place. He hides in, by the Footprints He leaves, when He has broken the curd pot, which she was churning. This is a symbolic story to illustrate how the Lord breaks our identification with the body and leads us on to Himself, by signs and signal s that He provides all round us. These signs are ever present in the Nature around each one of us, in the beauty of the rising sun, ecstasy of the rainbow, the melody of the birds, the lotus- spangled surface of lakes, the silence of snow - crowned peaks - in fact, since god is Rasa, sweetness, ecstasy, all nature, which is but Himself in action, is sweet and ecstatic, With or without form, it is ananda, Welcome it into the heart as Rama - He who is joy and grants joy or as Krishna - He who draws by means of the joy He imparts - and, live all your moments with it;, offering it your Dhyana, your Puja, your Japa. That will open the doors of Jnana and of liberation. This is the mark of the wise, while those who are otherwise wander in the wilderness, filling their moments with meaningless trifles, toys and gewgaws.