Chinna Katha


Karna, the eldest born of the Pandavas, did not know that he was the brother of the other five. Nor did the five brothers know this fact. As a consequence of this ignorance, Karna was saturated with hatred towards the five; he longed to destroy them; he prepared himself for battle against them, with unabated vigor. The five brothers to planned to destroy him and behaved towards him as if he were their deadly enemy. When Dharmaraja, the eldest of the five, came to know-after the death of Karna, which they effected successfully-that Karna was his brother, hiss agony knew no bounds; he was struck disconsolate and was torn by despair. If only he had known the truth, all that grief could have been avoided isn't it? So, too, until you know that all are altars where the same God is installed; all are moved and motivated by the Grace of the self-same God, you are afflicted by hate and pride; once you know it and experience it, you are full of love and reverence to all. The Barbarous remedy of war will be given up when this basic brotherhood is felt in the deepest core of man.