Chinna Katha


You may have accumulated riches, acquired deep scholarship and achieved heath and strength. But, unless you have gained, in addition, a vision of the supreme sovereign, and an aspiration to be ever in the ecstasy of that vision, all that has been garnered by you is mere lumber. India has a great epic, the Mahabharatha, which describes a war between the Kauravas and Pandavas. The Kauravas had superior financial and military resources. They approached Krishna, the Incarnation of the Lord, for help; but they were content to receive from Him a large army and a huge quantity of hardware. The Pandavas sought from Him only His grace! The Lord agreed he came over to there side, alone and unarmed! He held just a whip and drove the horses of Arjuna's chariot! That was all, but that was all that was needed for victory. The Kauravas were defeated to the uttermost; the Pandavas won the empire and eternal fame.

If God is on your side, you have the world in your hold. This is the lesson driven home by the Hindu scriptures. "Give up all bonds of right and duty; surrender unreservedly to Me! I shall guard you from sin and liberate you from that sad cycle of 'entrances' and 'exits' on the stage of life. You can remain ever in your own Reality of Eternal Calm", the Lord has assured.