Chinna Katha


While devoting your life to worldly pleasures and ideas. It is not possible for you to realize God. There is a story of a King, who used to ask all people who came to his kingdom, to tell him the correct path for realization. Each one, basing himself either on some standard texts or on what elders told him, used to say that a particular pathways the right one for liberation. While this was going on, so servant close to the king was listening to the many descriptions that were being given of the right path for liberation. He found that the king was listening continuously to various method of attaining Moksha but he was not putting any one of them into practice. With the intention of teaching the king a good lesson, one day when the king was sitting and talking to many people in the central hall, the servant came from outside shouting loudly. The king then got up and asked the servant what he was shouting about for. The servant replied with some anxiety in his face that all the palace camels were climbing up to the top of the terrace. The king asked how the camels could climb to the terrace. The servant then said that if the king, steeped in luxury, can aspire to climb up the path of spirituality and attain liberation and Moksha, there need be no surprise at the camels climbing to the terrace, and then running off.