Chinna Katha


There is a small story, which tells us how the possession of wealth will change the qualities of some people. A mother had only one son and a lot of money. The boy had lost his father early in his life. As the boy grew older and older, he got into bad company. If the tank is full, frogs gather but once the tank has dried up, all the frogs disappear. Many friends will gather round you so long as you have wealth and the moment wealth disappears, the friends will also disappear without telling you. The son of that wealthy person accumulated a large number of bad friends. He used to go to the mother day after day and demand large sums of money, with the result that the mother's affection towards the boy began diminishing and she developed positive hatred towards the boy. As days went on, the boy lost all attachment to the mother. She thought that it's much better that such a son who brings down the honour and reputation of the parents dies rather than lives and therefore she worked out a plan one day. At the same time, the son had its own plan as he thought that it is better that such a mother dies rather than lives. One day the son was to kill his mother with an iron rod as the mother came to serve him food. The mother also decided to kill the son the same day by poisoning his food. When the mother came to serve him food, the son hit her with the iron rod and killed her. A few minutes later, the boy also died after eating the poisoned food.