Chinna Katha


There is one who does not love himself, has no belief in himself and has no ambition to rise higher and higher. Even a man who does not have faith in God has faith in himself and desires to have strength by which to cultivate faith in himself. There was once a guru communicating wisdom to people who came to cut the fruits with flowers and fruits. One day, as the offerings were plenty, he called a disciple and asked him to cut the fruits and arrange for its distribution as prasad. The disciple reported to the guru that all was ready for distribution and asked him who would be given first. The guru asked him to start with the person in whom he has the greatest faith and the highest confidence. All the people assembled there thought that the disciple would first give the fruit to the teacher and then distribute to the others. But the disciple did not do so. He took the first fruit himself. When the surprised onlookers asked for an explanation he said that since he had had the greatest confidence and affection for himself, he took the first fruit.