Chinna Katha


An individual took a watch, which was out of order to a watch-repairer. The watch-repairer said that the watch was very old and that it would cost a lot of money to repair the watch. He said that repair would cost at lest two times the original price of the watch. The owner said that he would like the watch to be repaired even if it costs so much. The watch repairer thought that, since the owner was insisting on this old and worn-out watch being repaired, the watch was probably a lucky one. He replaced the old parts by new parts, repaired the watch and gave it back to the owner. When asked to pay the price of repair, the owner gave two slaps to the watch repairer.. The persons standing by handed him over to the police and when police asked him to explain why he beat the watch repairer, he said that he was asked to pay for the repair of the watch twice the price he paid originally when he acquired the watch and since he did not purchase it but got it by giving one slap to a person, he gave two slaps to the watch repairer.