Chinna Katha


On Saturday, a father was involved in worshipping the Lord and he called his son and told him to get some plantains for one rupee. This son was a good boy; he purchased the plantains, but on his way he saw a mother and son, who were very hungry, standing on the road. When the hungry boy saw the plantains, he ran towards him. The hungry mother, who saw the boy running, ran after him and caught him but both of them collapsed of hunger. When this young man found these people suffering so much from hunger, he thought that it was much better to feed hungry people than take the bananas home. He gave the bananas to this mother and son and later brought water and gave it to them. These people were so relieved of their hunger and thirst that they expressed their gratitude in many different ways and shed tears of joy. This young student went home empty handed and when the father asked him if he had brought the bananas, he replied that the bananas were, the son replied that the bananas were sacred, would not rot and could not be seen. The son explained that he fed two hungry souls with the bananas and the fruits, which he bought home, are only the sacred fruits of the action. The father then felt that his son was worthy of him and he felt that all his prayers had been answered that day. The father developed great affection for the son that day and they came much closer to each other.