Bhajorey Maanasa Aatmaa Ramam

Bhajorey Maanasa Aatmaa Ramam Aatmaa Ramam Sai Ramam Aatma Tatwam Brahma Swaroopam Ekam Nithyam Vimalam Achalam Shudha Brahmam Bhavaateetam Bhajorey Bhajorey Maanasa Bhajorey

(O mind, dwell on the Lord who is enshrined in your heart. That lord is none other than Sai Baba. Realize the principle that the \"Atma\" in us is a particle of Paramatma, the Overlord. That Atma is unmoving, eternal, unchanging, untarnishable, imperishable. It is a speck of the Transcendental Divinity.)