Aarati Shree Sai Guruvaraki

Aarati Shree Sai Guruvaraki Paramananda Sada Guruvaraki Satchidaananda Sai Guruvaraki Ramakrishna Shiva Sai Roopa Mey Allah Eeshwara Yesu Roopa Mey Guruvaraki Sai Guruvaraki Shiradi Roopa Me Parthi Roopa Mey Guruvaraki Sai Guruvaraki Jai Bolo Sai Guruvaraki Guruvaraki Sai Guruvaraki

(Arati (camphor flame) to our (beloved) Sai, the Teacher; Ever in Bliss and also in a state of Satchidananda (existence, knowledge and Bliss); Rama, Krishna are all forms of Sai; Allah, Eeshwara, Jesus are all Your forms; You are Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai; Victory to Thee, Oh my beloved Teacher) Krishna