Nithyaananda Hrudayaananda Nirbala Key Balaram

Nithyaananda Hrudayaananda Nirbala Key Balaram
Patitodhaarana Paapa Vimochana
Shree Raghunandana Ram… (Nithyaananda..)
Aranya Vaasi Jaanaki Jeevana Dasha Mukha Mardhana Ram
Dasharatha Nandana Ram
Sai Raghunandana Ram

(This is a description of the attributes of Sai Ram. He is eternally blissful. His joy springs from His heart. He is the support and strength for the weak and helpless. He uplifts the fallen and the destitute. He washes away their sins. He is none other than Prince Rama of the scriptures who had to spend years in the forest because of the word his father gave his stp mother, the Rama who was the consort of Seetha and son of Dasaratha and the Rama who killed the ten headed demon Ravana. )