Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha

Gaja Vadana Shree Gananatha
Ambika Thanaya Paahi Prabhu ..(Gaja Vadana..)
Siddhi Vinaayaka Kaivalya Daatha
Paashaankusha Dhara Paahi Prabhu
Namaami Nithyam Smaraami Nithyam
Deena Sharanya Paahi Prabhu

(O Ganesha with an elephant face, son of Parvathi, please bestow Your Grace on us. You are the one to liberate us from the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have been guiding us by using Your lasso and prod. I shall always pray to You. I shall ceaselessly chant Your name in my mind. You have always protected the meek and the humble. Please guide and protect me.)