Maa Jaago Maa Anantha Roopini Maa

Maa Jaago Maa Anantha Roopini Maa
Abhaya Pradaayini Duritha Nivaarini
Durgati Naashini Maa, Kaali Kapaalini Maa ...(Maa Jago Maa)
Jaya Jagadeeshwari Parthipureeshwari
Shakthi Maheshwari Maa, Sai Shakthi Maheshwari Maa

(The great Goddess is in divine slumber. Devotees on the earth are being tormented by innumerableforces common to the world. They rush to Mother and implore Her to wake up and come to their resue. The meaning of the song is: Oh Mother, of infinite forms, You have taught us to be fearless, ou have shielded us from pain and penury. You have guarded us against misfortune. Oh Great oddess of the universe, Goddess of Puttaparthi, Oh Great Power, please continue to keep us unde Your shelter.)