Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 5 - 12 - 2020

The mind is the puppet of the food that is consumed by man. It is prompted one way or the other by the subtle pull of the food it is fed on. The quality of the food determines the direction of the desire that diverts the mental flow. That is why in the Gita as well as in all scriptural texts, Satwik (pure) food is recommended for the upward seeking individual. Satwik food, according to some, consists in milk and fruits. But it is much more; it may not even be these. For, the calories that one takes in through the mouth are but a small part of the intake of man. The intake by the senses are part of the food that builds the individual. The sounds heard, the sights seen, the tactile impressions sought or suffered, the air breathed, the environment that presses for attention, appreciation and adoption - all these are 'food.' They have considerable impact on the character and career of the individual. (Divine Discourse, Jan 28, 1971)
- Baba