Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 23 - 2 - 2018

I am insisting on five points of discipline which will transform your homes and villages into Prasanthi Nilayams. ‘Silence’ is the first step that makes the other steps easy; it promotes self-control and reduces chances of anger, hate, malice, greed and pride. Besides, you can hear God’s footsteps only when silence reigns in the mind. ‘Cleanliness’ is the doorway to Godliness. Inner and outer cleanliness are essential to install God in your heart. ‘Service’ broadens your vision, widens awareness and deepens compassion. All are waves on the same sea. Service teaches you to be firm in this knowledge. ‘Love’ - Do not calculate or weigh the reaction, result or reward. Love calls; love responds. Love is God, live in Love. ‘Non-hatred’ towards all - No being must be looked down upon as inferior, unimportant, or expendable. Each of you are allotted your role in the drama designed by the Almighty. Do not slight, insult or injure any being; for, He is in every being and your slight becomes a sacrilege. (Divine Discourse, Jul 19, 1970)
- Baba