Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 24 - 8 - 2019

The name ‘Krishna’ has three separate meanings: (1) Karsh is one root from which the name is derived. It means, ‘that which attracts’; Krishna attracts hearts to Himself, by His sportive pastimes, miraculous victories over the forces of evil, His charming conversation, His wisdom and His personal beauty. (2) The word is also related to the root Krish, to cultivate, as a field for growing crops. The meaning derived therefrom is - He who removes the weeds from the heart of man, and sows the seeds of faith, courage and joy. (3) It is related to the root, Krish, which also means something above and beyond the three attributes and the three eras, and na means, Sat-chit-ananda (Truth-Consciousness-Bliss). The leelas (divine plays) and mahimas (miracle powers) of Krishna through which He attracts the love of mankind, cultivates the harvest of joy in the hearts of His devotees and makes them aware of His being Sat-chit-ananda are described in the Bhagavata. (Divine Discourse, Aug 13, 1971)
- Baba