Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 24 - 2 - 2021

Many people think that concentration is the same as meditation, but there is no such connection. Just look at this, I am now reading a newspaper. My eyes are looking at the letters. My hand is holding the paper. My Intelligence is thinking now. Mind is also thinking. Thus, when the eyes are doing their work, the hand is doing its work, intelligence is doing its work, and the mind is also doing its work, that is how I am able to get the contents of the newspaper. It means, if I want to get the matter contained in the newspaper, all these enumerated senses are concentrated and they are all coordinated and are working on the newspaper. All the normal routines, like walking, talking, reading, writing, eating, etc. are possible as a result of concentration. Many are under the false impression that concentration is identical with meditation, and they take to a wrong path! Concentration is something below your senses, whereas meditation is something above your senses. (Divine Discourse, Mar 28, 1975)
- Baba