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The first link for your centre allows you to add events to the latest news page. There are two parts to enter, the heading which is what you want to title the event as and the event description which is about the event itself.

If you make a mistake then the second link in the above table for your centre will generate a page that makes all of the events typed in editable. Find the event that you made the mistake on and change it. BEWARE - if one of the fields is left out the program will remove that entire event.

To delete an event, go to the edit form for your centre, find the event to delete. Then delete all the text in the boxes for that event, this will tell the program that you want to delete that event.

Periodic Deletion of Event

A program has been scheduled so that on the first of every month it truncates the number of events for each centre down the 5 latest events.
If your event needs to be extended beyond this time then you will have to re-enter it or e-mail me for the script to be extended before its execution.


First try using the edit page if one exists (usually the link in the second column).

If you still have trouble then e-mail me. Please state in the e-mail:

  1. Where the mistake is
  2. What the mistake is
  3. What correction has to be made

The address to e-mail is

Further Notices

Do not enter data in anyone elses events page other wise you may find that you do not have access to this page any longer.
This page is privaleged access and therefore please use the facilities responsibly.