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Sai Kirtan Group's Online Magazine


Welcome to the Sai Kirtan Group's Online magazine.

This online magazine has three aims:

  1. To promote spiritual upliftment
  2. To gather together and share diverse views and experiences in a harmonious manner
  3. To promote Unity in Diversity

The magazine is a rolling issue where the most current articles are shown with previous articles accessible through the magazine's archive page. It is open to anyone to submit an article subject to the approval for publication of the editor and providing they fit the aims of the magazine.

Article Submission Information
Writing Articles - Information

We want you to contribute... so if you are a buddying writer, have something to report on, or have something of interest to other devotees send us your contribution!

Just a couple of things before you send us your masterpiece...before submitting an article please take a look at the article submission guide offering a few guidelines and tips on writing.

Finally to submit your contribution you can use the following Submission Form.

We're always open to suggestions and welcome any comments and hope you find the magazine of benefit.

Jai Sai Ram