Tripuraari Shiva Shankara

Tripuraari Shiva Shankara Naagabhooshana Naagabharana Omkareshwara Namashivaaya Maha Kaleshwara Namashivaaya Parthipureeshwara Namashivaaya Shirdi Sayeeshwara Namashivaaya Shaila Gireeshwara Namashivaaya Uma Maheshwara Namashivaya

(Hey Shiva Shankara, the destroyer of the three worlds, the One adorned with snakes, the One wearing a snake around His neck, hey Omkareshwara (Shiva - the Lord of Omkar), I prostrate to The. Oh Lord, You are the Lord of Kala (Time). Salutations to You, Lord of Puttaparthi, Lord of hirdi, Lord of snow clad mountains (Shiva, Lord of Kailas), Consort of Uma.)