Shiva Shiva Shivaaya Bhava Bhava Bhavaaya

Shiva Shiva Shivaaya Bhava Bhava Bhavaaya
Hara Hara Hara Hara Shambhoo
Tribhuvana Paalaka Haalahala Dhara Shambho
Om Hara Hara Hara Hara Shambho
Alakha Niranjana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana
Pranavaakara Shambho
Ganga Dhara Hara Gauri Manohara
Saamba Sada Shiva Shambho (2x)

(Pray to Lord Shiva, destroyer of all evil, the protector of Three Worlds, the One who swallowed andstored in his neck the dreadful poison which would otherwise have destroyed the whole world. Lod, who is bereft of all attachments, destroys all worldly bonds. Lord of Gauri holds the sacred fow of Ganges in his matted lock and is the very embodiment of primordial sound \"Om\".)