Make Soham the japam of the mind and you will be saved. "I" will merge in the Universal. Continuously recite Soham, Soham, Soham with every breath, inhaling and exhaling -Baba

Bhakthi, Jnaana and Vairaagya are th three stages of spiritual progress. Bhakthi (devotion) is the Primary School stage; it leads one on to Jnaana (sacred knowledge), the High School stage; by means of Jnaana, everything is cognised as Brahman (Supreme Reality) and the attitude of Vairaagya (non - attachment) is established. That is the College stage of Education of the self. -Baba

Prayer is a very forceful weapon, much more effective then any bomb. The word is an effective instrument; it can move mountains. In these critical times, every one of you should pray deeply and sincerely, for the peace and prosperity of Bhaaratha Maatha (Mother India) -Baba


Life is a game of football; you can kick the ball of Samsaara, with as much gusto as you can command, provided that if it crosses the lines of Brahma maarga and Dharma maarga, you are out and the ball has to be brought back in again. They set the limits in which you can play the game, remember! -Baba